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Breathe In… Breathe Out…

Life is a never ending series of events that string together one after the other. Most of the time, we are driven by the things we have scheduled around our home or work. We strive to fit in everything that we have planned while excluding essential time to unwind and relax. Stress builds up without us realizing it only to erupt in some aspect of our life. This may be a conflict at work, children having meltdowns, vehicle mishaps, or any other myriad of scenarios.

Stress often builds up from getting sucked into the emotion at the moment. It builds further by allowing that fleeting emotion to drag us spiraling downward into internal and external chaos. Granted, some of us are better able to manage the inevitable ups and downs of daily life without getting too bent out of shape over it. They don’t worry about the little things. For others, it is the little things that push us over the edge. The little things build up over time till they are some invisible, overwhelming burden. Problems become insurmountable. Our soul screams for relief.

It does not take a lot of time to reduce stress before it builds up. Yes, we can take a vacation or schedule time for exercise or take a week-end off. All these things are essential to our overall health. The thing is, these things rarely provide us with the ability to let go of the unhealthy stresses that hinder a happy life.

There is never enough time in the day when we don’t build time into our day for those things we feel we are missing out on. We always have time for the things we chose to have time for. It is quicker to take a minute or two between scheduled activities to allow our mind and body to fully relax than it is to carve out a half hour every day for specific exercise. Stuff gets done better and faster when we are at our best. Reducing unhealthy stresses before they accumulate is the best way to stay at our best.

Be free from stress for just one moment. Set aside everything that is a bother or a distraction. Listen. Feel. Breathe. Experience this moment. Experience One Zen Moment. Repeat as desired.

About Ellen

Ellen Brockway is an author, healer, and transition facilitator for horse and pet owners facing financial challenges intent on keeping the things they love in their life. With a passion for what makes things tick and a reputation for being unflappable, she used the strategies she learned on her own inner journey to fall in love with her life again, discover lasting inner peace, and keep her animals in her life.

Backed by twenty plus years of business systems consulting and process analysis experience assisting mid-market corporations in multiple industries, Ellen developed “Your Personal Treasure M.A.P.-C.P.R. for Succe$$™ to get unstuck and turn her own life around. Her programs include money management basics, practicing peace in daily living, and assistance identifying and clearing beliefs and fears that suck the joy out of life.

Ellen’s clients say she can see the forest and the trees, guiding them to see the big picture beyond present moment challenges. She enables them to have more confidence, make better decisions, and have more enjoyment in life. She enjoys helping people help themselves to a happier, healthier, easier life.

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Love, Peace, & Happiness

Ellen Brockway and The One Zen Moment Team