Exploring Assumptions and Choices Surrounding Divine Love

If it is in fact true that we contain within us all that is, then it would stand to reason that we could in fact love everything and hate everything all in the same moment. So the choice is whether to love or to hate in a particular moment. It is a choice. Each choice is based on that which we most need to experience in that moment.

The mainstream assumption is that we have no choice about how we feel in any given moment. And perhaps we do not. However, we can choose how we look at anything that transpires in our lives. Becoming aware of how we view things and why, and letting go of the assumption that it always has to be as it always was opens up an entirely new dynamic of living.

Rejecting love from another is the perfect example of how we reject love from ourselves, for ourselves. Few have never rejected someone’s love or been rejected by another. The pain of heartbreak has the capacity to destroy one’s will to live or open us up to a greater capacity for love. When the realization of the feeling of rejecting love is felt and the choice to not reject love is given permission to emerge, the experience of living shifts.

Staying in an abusive relationship, to whatever degree, for the sake of learning that love arises from within does not mean that one must stay in that relationship. When we are done with those scenarios, we are done with them. It is ultimately less painful to move beyond those experiences than to stay and experience them over and over again. It depends on where your partner is in the relationship whether you stay or go. It can be very complicated or very simple. Seek support services if needed.

The Power to Choose Love or Hate
Where do choices arise from if not from within? So if we have that power to love or hate, then why would we choose hate over love? Is there something that makes hate so much more attractive than love?  We each strive to be loved. We strive to be approved of. We strive to feel good about ourselves and our lives. And yet, we miss the obvious. We miss that which is right in front of us, or rather, that which is within us. We miss that we are the source of love.

We experience the love of others touching our lives. Yet we miss that this love that we feel does not reside in another. It resides within our self. The next time that the feeling of love surrounds you, notice that that love is within you. It does not reside within the other. The other may indeed feel love that they believe comes from you. But really it is not. It is their own love reflecting back on themselves.

Take the relationship where one feels a great love from within that is directed toward another. They can do no wrong. They are perfection exactly the way they are. The love is divine. It rises from within and given to another. Then this one that is basking in and receiving that love does not feel worthy of that love, as that love is reflecting back on the one who is giving. The one who is giving can only give as long as that one feels worthy enough to receive as fully as one gives. So the love appears to fade. It is not a question of loving or being loved. It is a question of worthiness. It is a question of how much love is one capable of being for how long. Are we worthy enough to receive as much love as we feel we can give?

Giving and Receiving Infinite Amounts of Love
We are capable of giving infinite amounts of love unconditionally. We are also capable of receiving infinite amounts of love unconditionally. How much we actually give and receive of this unconditional love is limited only by how willing and open we are, coupled with the limitations we have placed upon our own giving and receiving.

We are each capable of giving far more than we acknowledge that we can receive. This sets up the circumstance that will allow us to see that the love we are giving comes from within, not from another. The scenario evolves to include the opportunity to see how much we are willing to receive back of that same love. As we see the love fade in another, we often miss the realization that how much love they are offering is in direct proportion to that which we are willing to receive.

The scenarios and circumstances surrounding this basic lesson of divine love are endless. For every aspect that we see and resolve, there is another facet that emerges. One level of understanding revealed unlocks the next level of understanding. Letting go of the assumption that it will always be as it has always been opens the door to so much more. For each level is not a higher or lower but rather an inclusive expansion of that which one experience previously. Expansion is infinite.

Dare To Experience Now Being Worthy Enough
Dare to be worthy enough in this moment to experience the level of love that you offer others.