Letting Go Of Pain

dreamstimemedium_22872387Letting go of pain can be as easy as taking three simple steps. The first step in letting go of pain is realizing that there can be life beyond living with pain. That life can be a life lived without pain. The second step is to decide what to do if you were to live a life without pain. The third step is to take some action that reduces your level of pain and increases your level of enjoyment.

In the first step you have to be able to acknowledge and accept that you did not have pain before and you can have a life without pain again. There was a time when you did not have this particular pain. It is logical to presume that you can have a life not filled with pain again. That is easy to say when one is not in pain. It is not so easy when you are in the depths of a pain filled experience. Pain takes a lot of energy and focus to experience at high levels. Pain demands attention. Pain is telling you something. It is telling you that something is not right. Something is not in balance. Focusing on the pain brings with it more pain. As in all aspects of life, what you focus on expands.

It is impossible to let go of pain when there is nothing there to replace it. When you are experiencing continued pain and you do not have something to replace that pain with in your life, you will continue to experience that same level of pain or an increased level of pain. When you have the expectation that the pain will end, it will end. It may not end immediately or end when you want it to end, but there is an end to it. Being stuck in a recurring cycle of pain gives you the opportunity to ask if there is something you are getting out of that pain that keeps it coming back. When you are successful in reducing your pain levels and then don’t actively pursue something that brings you enjoyment, you will find pain returning to fill that gap.

The second step of letting go of pain is the really fun step. Let your imagination go free. Dream big! It can’t hurt! Picture yourself doing those things that you have longed for and long forgotten. Don’t underestimate the power of your imagination. Imagine what you would do. Imagine how you would feel anticipating doing it. Imagine how you would feel actually getting to do it. Imagine how you would feel after having done it. Are you excited? Are you satisfied? Are you grateful?

The third step is taking steps to reduce the level of pain you are experiencing. Now that you have realized that there is the possibility that you can live your life without chronic pain. And you have imagined what you would do if you had less pain in your life. This is the time to take some action that reduces that level of pain in your life. Learning techniques to reduce or eliminate all types of pain from your life will allow you to start enjoying the things that you love in your life. There are many ways to reduce pain without the use of medications or in addition to medications. Pain reduction techniques include meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), massage, Tai Chi, and mindful pain management practices. Always check with your health care provider before starting any type of program. Be your own advocate in supporting your health. Once you start actively looking for a healthier path through life, you will find it.

Find something that gives you more enjoyment in life than pain. Experiencing pain can be as much a habit as anything else. Get in the habit of spending more time enjoying life. Letting go of pain allows you to start living the life you have imagined.