Pour Yourself a Cup of Coffee

Have you ever poured a cup of coffee? Sure you have. You have poured hundreds, if not thousands, of cups of coffee.

But have you ever fully experienced pouring a cup of coffee?

What does it feel like? Smell like? Sound like as it pours into your favorite mug? Do you really taste that first sip of coffee and notice how it feels in your mouth? Or do you only see what you are doing enough to not spill anything while your mind churns through the days coming events or the latest and greatest worry or problem you are facing for the day.

We miss so much in our lives by not fully experiencing the things we do every day to their fullest. Life is an experience. That experience is enhanced by our five senses. We start out in life utilizing all of our senses. Then we are discouraged from experiencing things to their fullest. We are warned of the dangers that exist all around us. As we grow older, we protect ourselves by often reducing an experience to one or two of our senses.

Imagine being a new born baby growing and changing every day. Then one day you discover your toes. You can see them, they wiggle and dance. You can touch them. You feel your hands touching your feet and your feet touching hands. You are drawn to put them in your mouth to taste and smell these wonderful appendages that are somehow attached to your body yet have a life of their own. You are mesmerized by them. You are encouraged to explore our feet. You are so cute and amazing. Then someone puts socks and shoes on your feet and they are not so amazing, nor so tasty. That fun is done.

We learn over time to not notice much of what we do in our day. We focus on developing healthy habits so we don’t have to think about them. We give up enjoying a part of the experience for the sake of the habit. In doing so, we give up a part of the experience.

Every moment can be awe inspiring. Everything we do, large or small, can be seen, heard, felt, touched, and tasted. We wait to go on vacation to enjoy each moment to its fullest. Everything tastes so much better. Everything is more relaxing and exciting. We give ourselves permission to really enjoy every moment. We strive to make those moments last.

There is no rule in life that says you can only enjoy each moment to its fullest while on vacation. Start taking advantage of this moment to make life more rewarding and more fulfilling. Experience your next cup of coffee to its fullest. Enjoy it with all your senses. Make your next cup of coffee, the best cup of coffee ever.